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At Hope Haven Crisis Nursery Foundation, it is our mission to be a short-term, volunteer care provider while families address their current crisis situation. We are not able to be a daycare/consistent childcare provider or replace such. Families should continue looking for sustainable care situations. 


Our mission states:

Hope Haven Crisis Nursery is committed to protecting children by providing local families with short-term care for children, birth to 5 years old, whose parents or guardians are in distress or crisis such as domestic violence, homelessness, joblessness, medical situations, mental health needs, and more. By providing a safe home for children, we offer parents availability to address their situation while also providing resources and information for other assistance. Our services are free, confidential, and voluntary.

The board requires 24 hours to further approve any family seeking to use the nursery for more than 8 hours within a calendar week. More time may be necessary if the board feels as if an in-person meeting with the parent(s) should take place to better understand the situation/help desired before making a decision.

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