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When will the nursery open? 

We are open! 12/9/2019


How can monetary donations be received?

The website allows for donations by card but we also use Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp. Click here to go to our donate page. If you choose to make a recurring donation, you can do so on the donate page as well. Sponsors will be vital to the nursery. These funds will be placed in an account specifically for the nursery. We plan to have multiple fundraisers. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know. 100% of your donation (after processing fees, if applicable) will go into the nursery’s account to prepare for start-up.We want to start helping the community as soon as possible. Your help is vital to our mission! We can’t do this without the love and support of our community.


Are monetary donations tax-deductible? 

Yes! We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Some donation avenues will automatically send you an email receipt for your records. If you give by check, cash, or via apps, we will do our best to personally email you a receipt. If you have not received a receipt within one week, please contact us. If you prefer a hardcopy, we can mail one; please just let us know. 


What can be donated? 

Funds, diapers, wipes, snacks, unopened formula, gently used clothes and blankets, small duffle bags, highchairs, strollers, breast pumps, bottles, cleaning supplies... basically anything someone could use for a home or baby. If the nursery doesn’t need it, it can be given to a family in need! (Due to confidentiality, if there are children at the nursery, donations will need to be left on the porch once the nursery is open or a pick-up arrangement can be made. If you would like to see the nursery, we’d love to arrange a time for that when there are no children there.) 

While furniture needs exist, and some donations of that type may be accepted, monetary donations are of the utmost importance. We would like for the nursery to have a cohesive, comfortable look and feel with a minimalist approach in order to make the best use of our space so we can serve multiple children and leave the most room for playing, tent building, and fun! 


How can I be a volunteer nanny? 

The nursery needs multiple talents to be the village we hope to be—childcare, cooking, housekeeping, and lawn care. Please start by filling out the form under the volunteer tab on the website. You will need to agree to a background check if you wish to provide childcare within the nursery. This will cost $23.


How will volunteer nannies be managed and who will they be? 

Volunteers will be women 16+ who agree to a self-pay background check. If you want to volunteer, fill out the form here. After we review your form. Scheduling will depend on volunteer availability but can be done on the volunteer page at the bottom (This page is password protected - to get the password, you have to have completed the BG check.). Volunteers will need to be capable of lifting 40 pounds or will need to serve with someone who is. If you are 16, you will be scheduled with a volunteer 18+. 


Are you DHS?

No, but we hope to assist them by offering a home for emergency placements while allowing them time to find foster homes. We are are locally and personally founded nonprofit. We are still figuring out how we can help them. 


Will you be a daycare? 

No. We are not a daycare. We offer short-term, volunteer care for children during stressful/crisis family situations. 


How will the nursery decide how many children can be in care? 

In-take availability will heavily depend the current situation at the nursery and volunteer availability. This will be addressed on a first-come, first-served basis. We will try our best to help! If a family's situation allows for scheduling, that will be helpful. 


How will I use the nursery for my child(ren)? 

Contact us (call or text) or use Facebook Messenger and tell us what your need/situation is. If the nursery has availability, you will need to fill out some brief paperwork—this can be sent ahead of time if you don’t want to fill it out at the nursery and if your situation allows. Children will be checked in on arrival and you will be given a computer-generated code specifically for your child—you’ll need this code in order to pick up your child and to call/text for updates. (If someone else is picking up your child, you will need to give them the code. Please notify us of this at drop off.) You do not need to bring food or diapers unless your child has a special requirement. We will also have clothes on-hand along with toiletries and bedding. We want to make it as easy as possible. If you may need other resources, click here to see some helpful services that are also available. 


Will there be surveillance? 

Yes. The nursery will be equipped with indoor and outdoor cameras and a security system. We are also conveniently located near the police and fire station. The safety of our volunteers and the children is incredibly important.

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