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Your support keeps children safe, fed, and loved.


Sometimes life's situations may leave parents with only questionable childcare options or none at all. At Hope Haven, we're here to offer a safe, free option while also hoping to lessen the number of children that have to enter state custody by reducing potential unsafe or neglectful situations. We're here to help!

“Child maltreatment is a frequent occurrence and has been on the rise in Oklahoma in recent years. The number of Oklahoma children confirmed to be victims of abuse and neglect in SFY 2017 was more than double that of confirmed victims in SFY 2010, increasing from 7,248 to 15,289. The majority (58 percent) of these victims were under the age of 6 years-old and more than three-fourths (88 percent) experienced neglect.”  Maltreatment can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and/or emotional or psychological abuse.

“... Many of these instances might be prevented through family-centered prevention and intervention services that help caregivers understand the needs of young children and appropriate discipline techniques, link caregivers to resources and concrete supports to lessen stress, decrease Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and reduce instances of neglect.” Source

The good news is: neglect is preventable. We can help. You can help.

To keep our safe place available, the nursery pays rent, provides meals & snacks, and more. If you would like to be a monthly partner, you can do so below using PayPal. 

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donations are tax-deductible. Some of the platforms below will automatically send you an email receipt for your records. If you give by check, cash, or via apps, please contact us if you'd like a statement. If you prefer a hardcopy, we can mail one; please use the message box at the bottom of the page to let us know or email us at


100% of your donation (after processing/platform fees, if applicable) will go into the nursery’s account to help us cover operational costs. We couldn’t do this without the love and support of our community, so thank YOU! (If you would like to avoid a percentage of your donation being withheld by a processing platform, please use Venmo, select "friends and family" on PayPal using, or mail a check to the address below.) 



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You can host fundraisers & choose us as your birthday benefit, too!


Please make checks payable to

Hope Haven Crisis Nursery Foundation

and mail to

Campbell Accounting Services

310 E 12th

Ada, OK 74820

Giving in honor of someone?

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